True Pleasure from Shopping

Introducing TheManEssens by Diania LLC, your shopping partner and a web store that has an eye for men’s eco-friendly accessories. If you’re looking for excellent goods in such categories as Eyewear or Watches, you have come to the right place! Therefore, get ready to enjoy our selection of products and exciting discounts!

Sustainable style

We strive to be a responsible company with a reduced footprint. To achieve this goal we only use natural materials and plastic free production and compostable packaging.

Natural Materials

Products are made out of 100% natural materials (wood, glass, cotton, silk, cellulose…).


Our Manufacturers are selected carefully to ensure the quality of the materials, and products.

Plastic free packaging

Instead of plastic packaging, our manufacturers deliver products in cardboard boxes to our warehouse. We use only eco-friendly, compostable materials to ship your order to your home.

Action for the environment

We have a commitment to the environment by planting trees and stopping ocean plastic and improving the lives of the planting and collector communities.

Careful selection of products

What does a shopper need? First of all, the freedom of choice! That’s why the team of TheManEssens by Diania LLC pays much attention to the store’s selection of goods. Here you will find a rich selection of categories including watches, sunglasses and ties.

Furthermore, we never stop looking for new suppliers and manufacturers that match our enviromental vision, so that we could update the stock regularly. In addition, if there’s a particular type of product you would like to see in our inventory, contact the support team, and we will do everything in power to make this wish come true.

Take a look at our catalog to find such goods as the elegant RANES – Steel and Zebrawood Watch or the stylish AITANA – Black Laminated Wood Sunglasses. Purchase our most popular product TERRANOVA – Natural Silk Blue with Grey and White Stripes Necktie –  or browse Eyeware, our largest category of wares. We are certain that even the choosiest buyer will find something interesting.

Enjoy your shopping without overpaying

Still, here at TheManEssens by Diania LLC we understand that quality is very important but you have to afford the product. Therefore, we managed to lower the prices by cutting shipment expenses and working directly with manufacturers. As a result, customers can enjoy both high quality and attractive prices.

Moreover, the team offers great discounts whenever it is possible so that you could save on each purchase. For example, right now you can buy some items in bundle at a discount of 15%! It’s an exciting opportunity if you want great value for money.

Lastly, we’re always happy to offer additional discounts during holidays and promotions. So, visit us often to get a bargain during frequent sales. However, if there’s something offered with a discount, lose no time, because such deals are limited. We hope all this will turn your shopping with into a most pleasant experience.

More than shopping

In any kind of business, trust plays a huge role while simply selling things isn’t enough. In addition, the team wants to make sure customers enjoy this experience every time they visit this store. Therefore, we’ll do our best to turn visitors into loyal customers by providing an excellent support service ready to answer all your questions and even more!

Moreover, takes full responsibility for various issues including shipment process. If your order gets lost or the package gets damaged during shipment, feel free to tell the team, and we’ll return the money! After all, a sale is successful only when the client is happy!

Thus, here at you can enjoy a rich choice of products, high quality, attractive prices and customer-friendly service which make this store one of the best places to purchase eco-friendly men’s accessories. So, please, browse through our catalog to find wares that’ll make your day!

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September 13, 2022

Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.

    September 17, 2022

    Thank you Mark for your encouragement and trust.

October 1, 2022

Excellent post thanks i like it.

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