About Us

  • Natural Materials

    Our products are manufactured using ethically sourced natural materials.

  • Carbon Footprint

    We strive to be a responsible company with a reduced footprint. To achieve this goal we partner with producers and a logistic center that share our values.

  • Plastic Free

    Instead of plastic packaging, our manufacturers deliver products in cardboard boxes to our warehouse. We use only eco-friendly compostable materials to ship your order to your home.

  • Action for the Environtment

    We have a commitment to the environment by planting trees and improving the lives of the planting and collector communities.

  • Service

    Our customer's satisfaction is our main priority.

A Note From The Founder

Dear customers,

I am Toni, the founder of TheManEssens. Since I was a little boy I cared deeply for nature, equality, and justice. I had many interests and passions and I felt they were very scattered and unconnected: visual arts, technology, web design, fashion, languages, and a couple more. This brought me to pursue a couple of different studies and careers that never seemed to be "it". In the last couple of years, everything started to come together and the idea to create a men's fashion store that focuses on beautiful designs, modern style, and natural materials, a business that cares about ethics, sustainability, nature, animals, and people. A brand that inspires and helps create awareness for a more sensible economy, without burdening the environment any further. TheManEssens was born.

Our Parners

We work with trusted companies so that we can offer you sustainable products, a safe shopping experience, and a fast delivery.

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